Things Rolex Owner Must Know

Rolex is a brand that most of us familiar about. It’s one of the most expensive watch brand you can buy.

Located at Switzerland Rolex boast of successful watch model from generation. The company is privately owned and operated.

Today we going to look at the things every Rolex owner must know about.

Rolex Labs

Rolex has a complete dedicated labs for their watches. The labs are responsible for not only design and features that going to be added on the watch but also handles the manufacturing side. The scientist research on the different type of oil used. Labs also equipped with different electron microscope to have a closer look at the metal component used on watches.

Creating a masterpiece

Rolex manufactures each watches as an art. It has well trained employee keep an eye on every finest details.

Hans Wildorf founded the company in 1905. From that moment company invested heavily in manufacturing each timepiece perfectly. The watches are made with so much perfection that they last for decades. You will still find old Rolex that have been launched 50 years from now.

Unique Steel

The sophistication of each watches make it difficult for anyone to replicate what the product. Other watch manufactures uses steel material called 316L. The Rolex too uses that but up til 2003, but they gradually shifted to 904L steel and that gave them the edge over the others.

As no other manufacturer are using that. The reason is not like they don’t want to use it but the steel material 904L demand expensive price and its complicated to manufacture. This makes this steel exclusive using this steel adds up the value to the Rolex price.

Long Manufacturing Time

The company spends good amount of time in manufacturing each pieces the watches which are being launched right now have been under process from years so it’s been now you are viewing the result. To manufacture such find piece you have to spent good amount of time. The time consuming process also add up the cost to it’s final price.


Rolex are excellent in terms of accuracy. Highly trained worker work on every movement of the parts to ensure as much accuracy as possible. Although the company make use of machine nowadays but still at the end of the day it’s being assembled by a human. This human touch makes Rolex a masterpiece.

Rolex Foundry

The company boast of producing all it’s required component in house. Rolex has it’s own Foundry where it develops and produce gold. Its also the place where various aspect of gold is carried out such as mining, crafting and assembly.

The reason why Rolex focuses on producing all of these because it ensures quality as if you can control your production you can be sure that every part has been made with the pre set criteria.

This lowers even the slightest chance of error.

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